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Cobb Hill Icelandics  


Cobb Hill Icelandics are raised with intensive rotational grazing on the grasses, clovers, shrubs, and varied pasture plants on the Cobb Hill Farm.  Three families jointly tend these sheep:  Don Seville & Colleen Lannon and their children Finn and Caitlin, John Bartholomew & Julianne Harden, and Hal Hamilton & Susan Sweitzer.


Choice lambs born in the spring spend the summer grazing freely in the fresh air of Vermont’s high, lush pastures. Our Icelandic lambs are reared primarily outdoors with a natural pasture diet. The lambs are born on our farm in April and are raised on milk from their mother and our lush green pastures without the use of chemicals. 



With their ability to reach market weight on pasture alone, Icelandic lamb is a natural for grass-raised sheep operations.  Recent research is showing that meat produced off of hay and pasture is rich in the healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.  Educated consumers are increasingly searching out grass-fed meats.


See this years lambs at play in this video:




 Cobb Hill Icelandics
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